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Covid 19

The data from this trial is awaiting peer review.

We preformed a clinical trial to test the effectiveness of a commercially available plant extract against COVID-19.

This plant extract has been on the market for decades and is sold as a dietary supplement. 

In the lab, it has been shown to work against coronavirus and may protect against lung injury.

If you have recently tested positive for COVID-19 and are interested in participating, please watch the video to learn more.

About the Trial
Why this supplement

Why this Dietary Supplement?

Article Diagram - annotated.jpg

Lab research indicates that the supplement might stop 

coronavirus from reproducing.

Lungs Illustration
Prevent Lung Injury

The supplement has prevented lung injury and death in animal models of viral infections.


This supplement has been safely used in humans as an effective anti-inflammatory.  The anti-inflammatory effects of the supplement might prevent some of the injury caused by COVID-19.

Black and White Earth

The supplement is low cost, potentially easy to mass produce, and could provide a worldwide treatment to combat COVID-19.


The supplement is naturally produced by plants and is found in small quantities in common foods.


Reduce Hospitalizations

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